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My mother, your father, her brother, his sister, our grandpa or grandma, the uncle, auntie, cousin, best friend, colleague or schoolmate or neighbor… and the list goes on. Each and every one of us comes into this world and at some point we all depart. A few leave a big splash, the rest of us may or may not leave a big imprint, but we leave memories to people we love and care.

My parents of very modest means raise a family of nine in Malaysia and Singapore. They came and they left many years ago without much of a splash in the obituary section of the local paper. I am the youngest. Today, my wife and I are raising our two daughters, just like every one everywhere on this earth. It hit me while I was vacationing in Singapore on a Sunday morning reading the local paper perusing the different sections. The obituary section was an interesting read but it got me thinking about the hundreds of millions of people who have come and gone, loved and not forgotten. Each life should be celebrated and remembered, why only for the rich and famous? There are the various Hall of Fames for different sports to celebrate the individual achievements, universities named after their founders and donors. Why not, in this digital age a website to celebrate our loved ones! So, please lets celebrate the lives of our loved ones past with one another. Your feedback would be most appreciated. The goal is to have a site easy to navigate and enjoy.

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