I was the youngest on earth once
You all were the youngest too!
Into the world we each arrive.
Joyful to most, fearful for some
Butt naked, bloody but mostly fine
Cries from a miraculous new born life!

One day, a year and hopefully more
A decade, five score for some we adore.
A life lived with love and care
Or one squandered with fanfare!
Whether a pauper or a billionaire
Friendships and relationships we share.

The human cycle goes full circle
Our sun surely rises, everyday it sets!
Billions have come and many gone
Left behind were moments and hugs
Many a cry, shared experiences bind!

A site to share, memories and joys
For all of humanity, girls and boys.
The old and the young, the homeless
The rich, the poor and the landless
To show respect and remember all
Gone but not forgotten as we each recall!